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Glass tint

Glass baby bottles

SGD Pharma glass baby bottleSGD Pharma baby bottles meet the regulations for food safety and hygiene.

SGD Pharma baby glass bottles are manufactured in Type I glass, which is known as borosilicate glass or neutral glass. They are guaranteed BPA free and without risk of migration (phtalates, sulphide). Borosilicate glass has a low coefficient of expansion which strengthens its resistance to thermal and mechanical shock. Compared to soda-lime glass, borosilicate glass has a much higher resistance. It is the ideal glass for baby bottles which are experiencing changes of temperature when being heated up in a microwave. Unlike plastic botlles, glass baby bottles are sterilizable and can be washed infinitley.

SGD Pharma also offers various custom designs made from organic, ecological and recyclable inks. The techniques used in applying the inks depict a bright and high-quality image. The bottles can be silkscreened with different images using a wide array of colors.

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Our range is made of Ergonomic, Classic and Spherical shapes. SGD Pharma can also develop specific shape and neck finish on your request. For more information please contact your local representative.