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Inert, easy-to-use packaging for the solutions that enhance diagnostic medicine

Chemical solutions – diagnostic agents and contrast media - are essential for effective pathology and play a crucial role in facilitating and enhancing the diagnostic medicine that underpins effective healthcare. Diagnostic agents, dyes or chemical reactants with high specificity, are used to detect and elucidate abnormalities in tissues and organs. Contrast media, on the other hand, are used with techniques including Computed Tomography (CT), Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI), X-ray and Ultrasound and extensively within Cath Labs (which focus on examinations of the heart and associated arteries). By improving image clarity and delineating specific features of an organ they enable the detailed study of tissues and organs, directly supporting more robust decision making throughout the patient journey.

Focusing on contrast media, classifying consumption by application identifies three significant areas of use:

  • MRI agents – typically gadolinium-based products that improve the visibility of inflammation, blood vessels, tumours and in some cases blood supply to enhance the accuracy and clarity of MRI scans.
  • Gasteroenterography agents – usually barium-based solutions that facilitate examination of the gastrointestinal tract.
  • Angio-urography agents – predominantly iodated products for the detailed examination of blood vessels, the blood supply to vital organs such as the kidney, and the urinary system.

Many contrast media are delivered parenterally though the oral route is also routinely used, notably for gasteroenterography agents. Molded glass vials and bottles are a popular packaging choice offering:

  • Chemical stability, glass is the most inert type of packaging and compatible with a wide range of different solutions
  • Mature technology for filling, labeling and sealing
  • Widespread availability and familiarity.

SGD Pharma provides a comprehensive range of products for contrast media including extensive choice in the 8 – 1000ml range most suitable for many of these products. The range includes Type I and II packaging, allowing every supplier to select a robust, cost-efficient solution closely tailored to the requirements of specific contrast media products.

All glass packaging is associated with excellent sustainability, due to well-established options for re-use, recycling and disposal.