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Working at SGD Pharma

SGD Pharma values are grounded in creating a work environment were employees can perform at their best and feel fulfilled and confident in their work. We care deeply for our employees and strive to have safe work environments were human dignity and individuality are valued. We maintain a unique work enviroment were you are encouraged to grow and understand the company, the pharmaceutical indusrty and what motivates you personally, so that together we can unlock your growth potential.

Purposeful talent development

At SGD Pharma being purposeful means being international, mindful and meaningful with initatives to inspire our people and develop their talents. We believe it is critical for our long-term success to foster an environment that reflects our values, that encourages and enables inclusion and that nutures collaboration and well-being.

Global opportunity and individual growth for everyone

We believe that all employees should be supported in developing their personal talents and careers.We strive to empower our people to realize their full professional and personal potential and achieve their ambitions by creating a culture that increases their capacity to learn, grow and innovate.  We also believe development is fueled by an individual's sense of purpose and self-motivation and that this can take on many forms, including skills training and learning-development programs, short-term and/or global-mobility assignments and challenging, fulfilling work that supports the business. We encourage a multi-experience career journey so that our people can learn from different types of work, leaders, environments and teams.

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Discover our talents

Forster Karl-Heinz
Production manager Cold End at SGD Pharma ...
Amandine Noreval
France Industrial Information Technology Manager...
Jeremy Gouama
Logistics Manager, SGD Pharma Sucy-en-Brie
Linzhang Yuan
Batch & Furnace Supervisor, SGD Pharma ...
Sabrina Godquin
Laboratory Technician, SGD Pharma Saint-Quentin-...
Amit Varma
Production Manager, Unit-V, Tubular, SGD Pharma...
Agathe Simon
HR Deputy Manager, SGD Pharma Saint-Quentin-...
Caroline Bourgoin
Regional Sales Manager, SGD Pharma New York
Guillaume Vavrille
Hot end Process Technician at Sucy-en-Brie Plant
Mac Song
Fincance Controller at SGD Pharma Asia Pacific
Alexa Richard
Export Manager, Service Export at Embelia
Abdel Kerkadene
Site Purchasing Manager, Sucy-en-Brie
Nishant Desai
G.M. Sales & Marketing, India
Nathalie Aubrejat
Executive Assistant at Saint-Quentin-la-Motte
Claus Meilinger
Sales Director & Marketing DACH
Vincenza Zakarian
Supply Planner
Marie-Christine Revereau
Controller & Office Manager (NYC)
Chunyan Zheng
Commercial and R&D Director at SGD AP
Aline Duval
Société des Services Verriers (SSV*) Production...
Stéphanie-Claudel Bouvier
Middle-East & Africa Export Sales Assitant
Michelle Liang
Human Resources Manager
Emmanuel Lepitre
Quality Manager & Product Development
Stéphanie Dagostino
VP Accounting and Taxation
Bihag Shah
VP Supply Chain Management & Purchasing
Thomas Ostermeyer
EHS Manager
Lu Yaming
Productivity Manager
Scott Beals
Sales Manager
Ravi Murthy
Vice President in charge of Conversion Operations