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SGD Pharma, inspiring confidence, is :

  • A global leading company in the glass primary packaging for the pharmaceutical industry
  • 5 factories and 10 sales offices around the world committed to deliver top quality glass vials for patient safety
  • More than 3000 employees supporting globally and locally international customers, as well as local players
  • Men and women acting daily with their passion for pharma glass 
  • A growing player with a long-term vision and strategy
  • A company supporting diversity, facilitating and advancing knowledges transfer, giving its talents and experts the possibility of growing. 

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Career Opportunities


Job status/type: VIE Full Time Permanent   Company : SGD Pharma is a global leading company in...
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Job status/type: Full time - 2 years   Industry:  SGD Pharma Asia Pacific Ltd is part of SGD...
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Job status/type: Full time Permanent   Industry:  SGD Pharma Asia Pacific Ltd is part of SGD...
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Discover our talents

Forster Karl-Heinz
Production manager Cold End at SGD Pharma Kipfenberg
Amandine Noreval
France Industrial Information Technology Manager, SGD Pharma Saint-Quentin...
Jeremy Gouama
Logistics Manager, SGD Pharma Sucy-en-Brie
Linzhang Yuan
Batch & Furnace Supervisor, SGD Pharma Zhanjiang
Sabrina Godquin
Laboratory Technician, SGD Pharma Saint-Quentin-la-Motte
Amit Varma
Production Manager, Unit-V, Tubular, SGD Pharma India
Agathe Simon
HR Assistant, SGD Pharma Saint-Quentin-la-Motte
Caroline Bourgoin
Regional Sales Manager, SGD Pharma New York
Guillaume Vavrille
Hot end Process Technician at Sucy-en-Brie Plant
Mac Song
Fincance Controller at SGD Pharma Asia Pacific
Alexa Richard
Export Manager, Service Export at Embelia
Abdel Kerkadene
Site Purchasing Manager, Sucy-en-Brie
Nishant Desai
G.M. Sales & Marketing, India
Nathalie Aubrejat
Executive Assistant at Saint-Quentin-la-Motte
Claus Meilinger
Sales Director & Marketing DACH
Vincenza Zakarian
Supply Planner
Marie-Christine Revereau
Controller & Office Manager (NYC)
Chunyan Zheng
Commercial and R&D Director at SGD AP
Aline Duval
Société des Services Verriers (SSV*) Production Manager
Stéphanie-Claudel Bouvier
Middle-East & Africa Export Sales Assitant
Michelle Liang
Human Resources Manager
Emmanuel Lepitre
Quality Manager & Product Development
Stéphanie Dagostino
VP Accounting and Taxation
Bihag Shah
VP Supply Chain Management & Purchasing
Thomas Ostermeyer
EHS Manager
Lu Yaming
Productivity Manager
Scott Beals
Sales Manager
Ravi Murthy
Vice President in charge of Conversion Operations