SGD Pharma Innovation commitment

As a leading company in primary packaging for the pharmaceutical market, SGD Pharma makes the difference by innovation :

  • Be one step beyond
  • Highlight technology breakthrough
  • Ensure regulation and standards compliance
  • Support customers in their specific development

In 2015, we set up a new R&D organisation to enhance patients’ safety. Composed of various talented experts, its worldwide R&D networking team work to continuously develop new solutions.

To offer future and sustainable development to both SGD Pharma and its customers, the pharma and biotech companies, the team is working over the whole product life cycle:

  • Raw material
  • Product Design
  • Process
  • Quality Control
  • Use of products by customers
  • Drug delivery
  • Raw material: glass composition for better drug compatibility and less extractables
  • Product design: lighter container, good mechanical resistance, easier to control, better for handling and supply
  • Process: improve productivity, reduce rejection rate to deliver products with steady quality
  • Quality control: reduce critical defects and particles to protect drug integrity
  • Use of products by customers: optimise filling and supply chain to reduce rejections and drug shortages
  • Drug delivery

The R&D department implements this 360° approach for drug manufacturers to better process and handle containers, to improve drug compatibility, to reduce critical defects and recall risks. SGD Pharma inspires confidence for patient safety.

SGD Pharma, successful in innovation

SGD Pharma has continuously dedicated significant resources to Research and Development. These continual R&D efforts have allowed us to become :

  • A pioneer in the implementation of clean rooms for inspection and packing in all its factories.
  • The first pharmaceutical packaging company to be certified ISO 15378 (ISO 9001 in addition to the GMPs – Good Manufacturing Practices).

SGD Pharma also has proven track records of product range extension:

  • U-save® vial, a unique design
    • U-shaped bottle for a complete liquid delivery.
    • Provides 100% of product recovery for high value nasal spray drugs.
    • U-save® is used worldwide and approved for several nasal sprays (calcitonine…)
  • EasyLyo®, simply stronger vial
    • Specially designed injectable vials to comply with the specific requirements of the lyophilization process.
    • Reduce risk of breakage thanks to the optimized design.
    • A full range of products available from 5 ml to 100 ml successfully embraced by biotech and pharma labs.
  • Clareo:
    • Type II premium injection vial
    • Breakage rate reduction
    • Lower total cost of Ownership