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SGD Pharma Takes a Bold Step Towards Sustainability with Science Based Targets Initiative

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SGD Pharma, a global glass manufacturer, is proud to announce its participation in the Science Based Targets initiative (SBTi), signifying its strong commitment to decarbonization and wider sustainability practices.


Understanding the Science Based Targets initiative (SBTi)

The SBTi is a global body enabling businesses to set ambitious targets for emissions reductions in line with the latest climate science. By focusing on accelerating companies worldwide, the SBTi aims to achieve a significant reduction of emissions before 2030.

Science-based targets provide companies, including SGD Pharma, with a well-defined path to reduce emissions in line with the Paris Agreement goals. More than 4,000 businesses around the world are already supported by the SBTi to outline a clear process to commit, develop a target, submit, communicate and disclose.


How SGD Pharma is Contributing

SGD Pharma has set ambitious targets for emissions reductions across its global glass manufacturing plants located in France, Germany, India, and China. By 2030, SGD Pharma aims to cut CO2 emissions minus 35% by 2030 versus 2020 and minus 65% by 2040. The full coverage of our Indian plant with solar panels last year and the ongoing rebuild of two furnaces at our Saint-Quentin-Lamotte (SQLM) site is part of our decarbonization strategy and will contribute to a two-thirds reduction in the company’s total carbon emissions by 2040.

Four of our sites are already certified ISO 50001 for the design, implementation and maintenance of an energy management system, and multiple projects are underway to reduce carbon footprint across all geographies.


The Path to Decarbonization

As its next step in the commitment process, SGD Pharma is currently working with the SBTi on the 1.5°C decarbonization pathway, making SGD Pharma one of the few companies in its industry with an official SBTi climate ambition.

SGD Pharma's participation in the Science Based Targets initiative reflects its strong commitment to decarbonization and sustainability. By setting ambitious emissions reduction targets and actively implementing sustainable practices, SGD Pharma is paving the way towards a greener and more environmentally responsible future.


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