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Executive Committee

Christophe Nicoli

Chief Executive Officer

Emmanuelle Camus-Nikitine

Group General Counsel

Christophe Muguet

Chief Operating Officer

Laurent Zuber

Chief Commercial Officer & General Manager West World

Jérôme Brassens

Chief Financial Officer

Pierre-Michel Bataillard

Chief Human Resources Officer

Frédéric Barbier

General Manager China / Asia-Pacific

Carole Grassi

Chief Innovation & development Officer

Akshay Singh

General Manager India

Key facts


2020 Sales :

347.5 M€

*Sales forecast


+ 2 Billion vials

per year


5 plants

ISO 15378 certified


10 sales offices around the world


Over 90 agents

& distributors


Over 3000 employees


100 years of history