Why we love glass

The glass industry is one of the oldest in history and is integral to everyday life – from health and wellbeing to culture and arts. As an infinitely recyclable material, glass products will be essential in the world’s shift towards a carbon-neutral future.

In addition to its sustainability, glass has a number of physical and chemical properties that make it an ideal material in the pharmaceutical and healthcare industries. Its chemical inertness means it doesn’t react with other substances, such as medicines, so it is widely used in the manufacture of vials, syringes, ampoules, and more. We have also witnessed the vital role of glass in delivering COVID-19 vaccines globally, and how glass manufacturers rose to the challenge imposed by the demands of the pandemic.

Glass also meets the highest regulatory standards required by the pharma industry. Thanks to its chemical inertness, as measured by the United States and European Pharmacopoeias, Type I borosilicate glass is used worldwide for the primary packaging of extremely sensitive injectable drugs and vaccines.

Our stories

We will be spotlighting glass and its role in health and wellbeing throughout the year, by sharing best practice in glass production, compliance and regulatory excellence, as well as applications of glass in pharma, veterinary, and healthcare. Take a look at how SGD Pharma is celebrating glass in 2022.

How to join the dialog

As official sponsor of the UN International Year of Glass, we want to hear how glass has impacted your life or business. Share your positive experiences of glass in healthcare with SGD Pharma and the International Year of Glass 2022, using #IYOG2022.

SGD Pharma celebrates the UN International Year of Glass 2022
SGD Pharma celebrates the UN International Year of Glass 2022
SGD Pharma celebrates the UN International Year of Glass 2022