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SGD Pharma Asia Pacific General Manager Frédéric Barbier attended 2023 Conference for Economic and Trade Cooperation between the Pearl River Delta and the Eastern-Western and Northern Regions of Guangdong and met with Guangdong Governor Mr. Wang Weizhong

Guangdong is the biggest province in China with 127 Mo people. It is also the most important Chinese province economically, with a GDP close to Italy’s.

On May 11th, Mr Wang Weizhong, Governor of the Guangdong province, presented his plan called “Industrial transfer from the Pearl River Delta to the Eastern, Western and Northern Regions of Guangdong Province”. Zhanjiang is among the 15 cities selected in this program and Zhanjiang’s Mayor Zeng was also present to this meeting. Mayor Zeng came to visit SGD Pharma plant and meet with CEO Olivier Rousseau in April.



SGD Pharma was among the few foreign companies and organizations chosen to exchange with Mr Wang because of their support to one of the 15 cities in the program.

This program is good news for the companies located in Zhanjiang city as there will be an acceleration of the efforts from the province government to improve the facilities offered by the city to its economic ecosystem.