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Navigating the regulatory landscape for cannabidiol (CBD) packaging

A global pharmaceutical packaging perspective – now including more countries!

Discover the latest global regulatory updates in the fast-moving CBD industry

The cannabidiol (CBD) market continues to grow rapidly, with regulations varying across different geographies and undergoing continuous updates. CBD manufacturers must not only navigate the CBD regulatory landscape, but that of cannabis itself, as well as pharmaceutical and food packaging and labelling, making it one of the most complex markets to operate in.

We have updated our white paper to reflect these ongoing developments, now including insights from Croatia, Hungary, Poland, Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Russia, Romania, Macedonia, and Israel.

Download the new white paper for a closer look at:

  • What CBD is and how it is used
  • How CBD is regulated in key countries in Europe, North America, the Middle East, and Latin America
  • Important updates including the recent European Court of Justice ruling on the legality of CBD in France
  • The vital role of compliant pharmaceutical-grade packaging in relieving regulatory concerns.



Navigating the regulatory landscape for cannabidiol (CBD) packaging