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Social & Environmental Commitment

Our Convictions

Our corporate Strategy is aligned with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. The Sustainable Development Goals are the blueprint to achieve a better and more sustainable future for all.


SGD Pharma men and women are daily involved to contribute to satisfy our customers as well as to support sustainable development with focus on three main axes:

  • Our people
  • Our business values
  • Our environmental impacts


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Our achievements

Ecovadis Platinum medal

The group has been awarded by the Ecovadis Platinum medal, its Chinese plant and its subsidiary Embelia have been awarded by the Silver medal.

CDP Climate Change.

Score B for climate change which is the average score in our industry.



Click HERE to access the SGD Pharma Sustainability Report 2019.






SGD Pharma men and women are daily involved to contribute to satisfy our customers as well as to support sustainable development with focus on 3 main axes:

health and safety policy

Commitment & Accountabilities


SGD Pharma is committed to providing a safe and healthy work environment for its employees and stakeholders. There is no other goal than zero accident, zero occupational illness.

Health and safety are core values. They come prior to any other consideration in the way we conduct business.


Line management is accountable for the prevention of injuries and occupational illness.

In turn, employees and stakeholders are expected to contribute to a safe environment through discipline, visible commitment and proactive engagement with each other.



  • Line managers demonstrate their leadership in safety through goal setting, progress review, coaching, proactive field interactions, active communication, audits. They mobilize human and investment resources and relentlessly search solutions to act upon unsafe conditions and behaviors
  • Employees are all encouraged to identify unsafe conditions or processes. They are empowered to stop a task which is deemed unsafe and to take the necessary means to correct the situation
  • Each industrial facility has a formal H&S continuous improvement plan.

Risk management

  • Major risks are identified and managed through Group standards and recommendations
  • In addition, each plant identifies specific hazards not covered by the Group standards
  • No work team or operator starts a job without prior Job Risk Analysis
  • Local H&S regulation compliance is regularly assessed and identified gaps are immediately corrected or address through action plans
  • Every site defines and effectively communicates emergency plans at the appropriate level (site, workshop).

Learning and progress

  • Competencies and safety behavior are considered in the recruitment process. New employees are trained to work safely and to manage H&S in their area. Safety is part of the annual performance assessment. Each site has a safety training plan
  • All accidents and major near-misses are reported, including root causes analysis and corrective and preventive actions implemented. They are shared and commented across the SGD Group. They are recorded in appropriate accessible databases.
Christophe Nicoli Christophe Nicoli

Chief Executive Officer

Pierre Michel Bataillard Pierre Michel Bataillard

Chief Human Ressources Officer



SGD Pharma strongly believes in the importance of implementing a sustainability strategy, that contributes to customer satisfaction and supports sustained development, with a focus on three main

PEOPLE – Health & Safety, Career Management & Training, Social dialogue – Have the best trained, safe and healthy people, in a safe and productive work environment, focused on open social dialogue.

BUSINESS VALUES – Quality of Services and competitiveness, global business ethics policy, sustainable procurement - We seek to deliver the highest level of service to our customers, making us competitive while meeting our global ethics expectations internally, through our sourcing and supply practices.

ENVIRONMENT – Energy consumption, eco-design, re-use and water, environmental monitoring and controls – SGD Pharma actively minimizes its impact on the environment through energy reduction strategies, eco-design of products and facilities, recycling of glass and inputs as well as using effective environmental controls and testing.

With continuous improvement in each of the three focus areas, SGD Pharma strives to maintain its position as a leader in the glass industry for years to come. These are values that we ask our people to embrace and live every day and extend these expectations through our supply chain.
Our goal is to remain a competitive leader with a workforce of highly trained people, utilizing the best technologies and environmental practices, delivering the highest quality glass products and meeting the regulatory and quality expectations of our valued customers around the globe.

For over 100 years, SGD Pharma has demonstrated its commitment to sustainability.

Ecovadis Silver Medal for the Group, its site in Zhanjiang and its subsidiary Embelia.
We are ranked among the top 10% of all companies assessed in the glass industry (2019)






Score C for climate change and score B for supplier engagement which is the average score for our industry;

Social commitment

SGD Pharma has 2750 employees split on 3 continents: they are men and women producing and selling primary packaging for drugs, a committed job to care of health and patient safety.

SGD Pharma is willing to be a responsible and attractive company.

Manufacturing pharmaceutical glass is a business so specific that competencies and know-how are an invaluable capital. Thanks to highly involved employees, SGD Pharma maintains years after years its technical knowledge and continue to develop its glass expertise.

Training employees is a critical goal:

  • SGD Pharma has several training centers to maintain and develop its know-how and its employees competencies
  • SGD Pharma develops relationships with schools and universities to attract talents and ensure permanent renewing of its experts.

Safety is a major priority for our company. Daily and preventive actions are implemented to strengthen the safety of all employees all over the world. The goal is to apply EHS best practices thanks to shared experiences between the manufacturing facilities.

During the « World Safety Day » in 2016, employees attended workshops to make them aware of different situations and ensure that they know the emergency procedures. In China, employees have been trained to evacuation and first aid. In France, employees participate to workshops regarding hand hygiene and fire prevention.

Local commitment

SGD Pharma wants to highlight the positive impact of its presence on the local community to its involved partners, local authorities, neighbours, employees, customers, NGO, and surrounding companies...

In India, SGD Pharma supports the development of the Vemula village where the facility is. We have participated at:

  • The improvement of the school facilities as well as supply of school material
  • An easier access to drinkable water with 2 bore wells and a water tank
  • The support of the local police department to organize new recruits training

In Kipfenberg, Germany, the access to the facility was shared with neighbours: children had to cross when trucks had to deliver raw materials. This cohabitation was very dangerous for both. In 2015, SGD Pharma and the town of Kipfenberg redesigned this access. A road was built to give a safer access to the neighbours and allow SGD Pharma closed its bounders for trucks to make their deliveries in safe and dedicated environment.

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